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If I had to wear one outfit over and over again - this would be it. I'm obsessed with these budget friendly denim shorts; once you see the price you'll want some, too! Dressing them a zillion different ways has never been my problem either. From muscle tees to OTS tops to blazers as pictured above...I think you can create a new outfit with a simple swap of accessories.

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"I'm not crazy. My reality is just different than yours."

Another Monday. Another chance to create something good, right?! 

Well, Olivia and I certainly kicked it off on the right foot considering we found this Cheshire Cat wall in the city. My pictures are not traditionally technicolor but when you see a good just gotta.

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Business casual.

My style has evolved over the years and I've quickly adopted the" less is more" theory. For example, if you're going to show more skin on top, cover up on the bottom and vice versa. This does not remove "sexy" from the equation, however. I believe you should flaunt what you've got and for's always the legs. I'd like to think that after decades of ballet class and most recently, a pretty dedicated workout routine that "I've still got it" they say.

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One tequila. Two tequila. Three tequila. Floor!

Hi folks! I just returned from a stint in Guadalajara, Mexico with some amazing Chicago influencers. I cannot wait to share the 4-day recap with you...but that's going to take some time to curate. On the other you understand my radio silence last week. Sorry...#notsorry. It was AMAZING!

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Trench layers.

This weekend was gorgeous topped with birthday parties, family time and some light errand running. Still a ways away from shorts and sandals weather but getting close. I've had this trench for some time and I am always happy to break it out again. It's one of my favorite basics. It's funny when you purchase something that you aren't ultra excited to wear but then find it's one of your most trusted pieces a decade later. I suppose that's a testament to our personal style evolution.

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Olivia is such a ray of sunshine. I think you can see it in these photos. This year has been such a big year for her growth. She's one of the funniest and brightest kindergartners I know. Naturally. Being her mom is one of the most rewarding jobs of all time. I wish I could take credit for her personality but I think Livie just has all sorts of goodness in her. She is caring and protective of her sister. She adores her father. She is thoughtful and makes little gifts for her grandparents. She works hard on her school work and she is a gifted little artist. I love seeing her creativity blossom.

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