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Just peachy.

Spring is in full swing and I couldn't be happier about it. Everyone's moods have lifted and there are tiny buds popping out from the ground in my front yard. Next, the cherry blossom tree which is my absolute favorite if even for just a fleeting moment in time. Can you imagine what D.C. looks like? ...on my bucket list for sure!

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Put a little love in your heart!

I've been resisting this wall for almost a year. Not because it isn't the most adorable thing ever but because everyone has shot in front of it. Played out? Perhaps. Not that I'm the Magellan of street murals because let's face it...we're all stealing ideas from our peers when it comes to social media and blogging...BUT, I just didn't have anything original to bring to the table.

But then...I succumbed. I realized that I don't have to have the flashiest outfit. I just need to feel comfortable in the skin I'm in. And so began today's style post...with a classic wrap dress. 

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Christmas spirit.

There's nothing more Christmas-y than a tree lot. With just the right lighting, they can be downright magical...especially when you have them all to yourself. I told you I've been stealing little holiday moments all to myself! You'd be amazed what 15 minutes of sniffing Fraser Firs does for your stress levels. 

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Lace details.

Wedding season is upon us and dressing up on the weekends has become the new norm. I don't mind it much as it breaks up my denim and tee uniform. I see this as a gift to my husband who sees me more disheveled than not. 

Sorry babe, I blame the children and their Pirate Booty hands. In fact, I write this with unwashed hair, yoga pants and a smattering of melted M&M on my shirt. I digress...

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My birthday is around the corner. You wouldn't know it because I'm still wearing a wool coat. These pictures were shot yesterday for cripe's sake.

Yes, I'm a May baby...a Gemini specifically. It's only fitting that I find a perfectly, dainty piece of jewelry to let the world know what they're dealing with as well. Split personality anyone?

My necklace is from Kris Nations which just so happens to be a fun destination to for sophisticated, personalized jewelry. The Zodiac necklace is one of their most popular items. It arrives in a little bottle complete with a few message points about your sign. I happen to be a big fan of astrology hence this was right up my alley!

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A lesson in contrast.

The SKIRT WEEK trend continues but today is the quintessential "Johanna" outfit. If I could illustrate my personality by way of fashion - this is it. A sharp contrast in color and 100% girly to the core.

I used to try and tone down my girly side, however; the older I get, the more I embrace all the things that make me happy. Wearing pink. Eating chocolate daily. Working hard. Being a supportive friend. Cooking. Tickling my girls. Staying in on a Saturday night.

Just a small snapshot of the things we often overlook on the most stressful days.

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Pencil me in!

Do you ever look at old posts and sort of cringe? Well, I do. Evidence here. I don't know what I was think with that hair. It's so...suburban of me. Why didn't you guys tell me?

One thing is for sure - still a goober on camera. Kidding...I need to be less hard on myself. I feel like I need to have a Stuart Smalley moment. 

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Sharing one of my Friday looks because we all know how hard it is to get fancy at the end of the week. I have "0" creativity and crave comfort like no other. These cropped skinny denim are a closet staple for me. 

They have a ton of give no matter how much pumpkin pie you ate on Thanksgiving. Ahem...erm...

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