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My birthday is around the corner. You wouldn't know it because I'm still wearing a wool coat. These pictures were shot yesterday for cripe's sake.

Yes, I'm a May baby...a Gemini specifically. It's only fitting that I find a perfectly, dainty piece of jewelry to let the world know what they're dealing with as well. Split personality anyone?

My necklace is from Kris Nations which just so happens to be a fun destination to for sophisticated, personalized jewelry. The Zodiac necklace is one of their most popular items. It arrives in a little bottle complete with a few message points about your sign. I happen to be a big fan of astrology hence this was right up my alley!

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Sunday chic.

The sun changes everything doesn't it? Immediately my mood is lifted and everything seems like it's going to be A-OK! 

My husband and I spent a glorious late afternoon turned evening date night catching dinner and a show in the city this past weekend while our little nuggets had a sleepover with the grandparents. 

While we didn't sleep in at ALL (Daylight're a drag) we did throughly enjoy a lazy Sunday morning filled with coffee and the news. Not Bubble Guppies. It's the little things...

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