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Do things that spark joy. Leave the rest behind.

July was a really challenging month that tested my patience in every sense of the word. Every day I woke up to a fire that I needed to put out and I began to wonder if it was me. Literally. Ever have those weeks? Months? Well, for me…it was happening and all I could do was drink a glass of wine or three every night to relax. Definitely not the healthiest decision but hey…we all have our moments.

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Summer strolls.

Summer speeds up and slows down all at the same time for me. Yes, there are endless activities, parties and sleepovers but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The “slow” usually hits right around July; specifically on the weekends. Lazy backyard BBQs, bike riding and a heavy dose of strolling. And when I say strolling…I really mean strolling. One of our favorite Saturday activities is to plan an event and a city lunch. This is where the strolling comes in. Walking the neighborhoods at our own pace is probably my single, most favorite pastime.

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Zip and go.

After our March trip across the pond, I became passionate about some of the new labels I stumbled upon. Conditions Apply was one of them; also carried at Anthropologie. Known for their whimsical prints and strong use of color, it was just the brand my closet needed to take a break from my uniform B&W routine. And while you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I can vow that the two pieces I now own will become permanent fixtures in my closet.

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