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Sweater Haul Part II

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have declared myself a sweater connoisseur of sorts. All in the name of research, my friends. This coupled with how many of you loved my last sweater post…I’ve decided to bring you a second edition. All under $100 and oh so chunky, cozy and perfectly soft. I’ve tried and tested almost all of these in person or ordered so I could speak authentically to my fellow shoppers. See what I do for you? The one I am wearing is a whopping $34!

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Child of the 80's.

Some days, in order for me to show up, I’ve got to dress up. Confidence starts within and when I feel good, I perform even better!

We’ve had a rocky start to the week with a sick little one and very little sleep but we’ve hit our midweek stride and I am grateful for that. Yesterday, however, I was running on 2-hours of sleep fumes as was my Lola. Blame the incessant coughing from a nasty little school virus but I knew we had a busy day ahead of us and if I was going to run on all cylinders, I needed to do my hair, my makeup and get DRESSED. Copious amounts of caffeine help, too.

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What is your UVP?

Hi! I am re-sharing a social media post from last week because it was so well received. I received many meaningful, vulnerable DMs from it that it only made sense to memorialize it in the best way possible. I discussed unique value propositions and our beliefs that ultimately strengthen our character and shape us into who we are today.

I hope you enjoy this read as must as I did writing it. Enjoy!

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Oh my gourd!

October is better than Christmas. In my books at least! Forever a fan of orange and black, I am always adding a new piece to our collection or chomping on a Halloween Reese’s, sometimes both! This year the girls guilted me into taking on the position of Room Mom whining that “…you’re always working and all the other moms come to our parties.” And end scene. Dare I be outnumbered by the other moms, I rose to the occasion and now I am knee deep in slime and googly eye balls. Dammit.

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Closet staple: the camel coat

Recently I got a request from my IG fam to assist in scouting affordable and luxe camel coats. Always up for the challenge, I happily accepted the request because A. I love camel anything and B. the season is upon us. You’d be surprised how many amazing options are out there without breaking the bank. I was kind of astounded myself. Natch, my next thought was… “I need a camel coat!” But then I remembered that my husband would murder me so I chilled out and decided to help you all out instead. I am giving like that.

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