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Star Spangled Glam.

If there’s one holiday I am fully supportive of coordinating outfits for - it’s the Fourth of July. Hands down. Every year I snag red, white and blue outfits from Target for the girls because they ride bikes in our hometown parade. <super Normal Rockwell, I know> And, undoubtedly, the temps are near 100+ so cool, comfortable pieces are the name of the game. Bonus points if they transition from day to evening with added layers for the firework show.

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The best under things.

Last week, I was posting a story on my IG stories and a fellow follower and dear friend of mine jokingly asked if I got a boob job. Admittedly, this made me giggle. You see, we had a secret pact that we would do side by side lifts once she was done with kiddos. I say this in jest because 1. I don’t think that’s possible…yet AND 2. It’s highly unlikely we will both pull the trigger but it’s fun to dream.

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