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Midnight velvet.

I don't think of myself as a real sexpot. Quite the opposite. I think I've been described as "cute" in the a Barbie sort of way but definitely not va-va-voom! I've been okay with that for years, by the way. But! Every once in a while it's probably a good idea that we stretch our comfort levels and do something out of the ordinary. Like wear lingerie during the daytime. 

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NYC: Day 1

This is the girls' trip that keeps on living. We've been texting each other and sharing photos since we returned...even planning a reunion of sorts. It was that good. So why not immortalize it forever? And that's just what I'm gonna do so get ready for a recap of sorts this week and the next but I promise you it won't be boring because these girls are anything but. That is for certain!

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Savoring suede.

I just want to thank you all for being so patient with my blogging hiatus. I really needed a break. I know life went on for all of you but I am super hard on myself so bear with me. I needed a moment to get inspired and just breathe. 

The real reason I was absent was because I went to NYC with four girlfriends to celebrate a big birthday. I don't go on many girls' trips but it was fantastic. I've been such a stress basket case lately and they reminded me (continuously) that I need to stop and just enjoy life. Amazing food, lotsa belly laughs and genuine, authentic girl talk. My cup runneth over. I've waited for girlfriends like this my whole life.

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Everyday denim.

When I think of easy, everyday uniforms...I think of denim and a fitted blazer. Two classics that no woman should be without. On the days I am running like a mad woman, (cough, cough - everyday) I opt for a heel that can take me from day to night. Or, in my case, carpool lines to photo shoots to meetings to happy hour. Might I add that these scalloped beauties definitely fit the bill?

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Doily. <+ a giveaway>

I've had this lace dress for three months now. Just dying to break it out. Isn't that the worst? I mean great that we had a true summer with hot temps and cut off shorts but it's always so hard to hang onto a purchase. Well, it is for me at least...and I know you fashionistas reading this can relate on some level. #fallcravings

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