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Summer basics.

We are at the point in the summer, although it hasn’t “officially hit” where the basics become the wardrobe staples that we reach for each and every morning.. A solid pair of cut offs, the most perfectly worn in sandals, light knits, denim jackets and more. Toss in some air-dry hair and you are really speaking my language. This is essentially my summer playlist.

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"I'm not crazy. My reality is just different than yours."

Another Monday. Another chance to create something good, right?! 

Well, Olivia and I certainly kicked it off on the right foot considering we found this Cheshire Cat wall in the city. My pictures are not traditionally technicolor but when you see a good just gotta.

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Contemplating 2018.

Good morning! I am back! Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful trip to Captiva, Florida where we literally unplugged and relaxed. It was vacationing done right and in part, due to the fact that I literally walked away from electronics and I was present with my family. What a difference and lesson learned! I am feeling totally recharged, inspired and ready to tackle some new and exciting changes around these parts. 

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Crushing a new week.

I've always been somewhat of a skeptic regarding Cyber Week. Or perhaps just not ready to get my holly jolly on. I would shop sporadically all month and go at my own pace. I feel differently this year. Honestly, I think it's because I ready to celebrate the end of a very difficult year. The ups and downs were tremendous so holiday shopping and the holiday spirit seem like something I can rally around.

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