Summer basics.


We are at the point in the summer, although it hasn’t “officially hit” where the basics become the wardrobe staples that we reach for each and every morning.. A solid pair of cut offs, the most perfectly worn in sandals, light knits, denim jackets and more. Toss in some air-dry hair and you are really speaking my language. This is essentially my summer playlist.

And…if you haven’t noticed, the sales are nothing short of amazing. They’re here to stay. One of my favorite shopping hacks is to scoop up the deals mid to end of summer and save for next year because let’s face it, I’m no longer trend driven in my choices hence this is a wise shopping habit. That’s what I tell my husband at least!

H&M has always been a fantastic hub for the basics. I shop online annually for my kiddos, too. We all know how much it stinks when that adorable top becomes decorated with non washable slime. Hence why the whole “more for less” retailer is my friend. I quickly hopped on the site yesterday and selected six pieces that you can wear now, in the coming months with smart layering and certainly next summer as the silhouettes are classic and timeless.

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!