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A post on why I don't wear florals.

When people talk about Spring. I shrug. I dunno. Florals + me = no bueno. I’ve never been into ultra fem looks. I mean, I get it…they look lovely on many women, my friends even! Just not on me. I guess I consider myself more of a boot stomper. A ripped denim wearer. No frills. You get what you get.

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Wednesday loves.

You can tell I am slowly becoming acclamated to Spring...splashes of pink, more pattern's happening. And like every year, there are so many pieces I want RIGHT NOW but I am trying to reign it in and be realistic. Do we really need all this excess? The answer is no but it sure is fun to look and honestly, purging a few pieces in exchange for splurging on one great closet staple is never a bad idea. 

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