Yep, the turtleneck is back. I told you I loved it - now you know I wasn't kidding. It's the most versatile winter piece in my closet these days because...It's FRIGID in Chicago. I mean FREEZING. BITTER COLD. SNOT FREEZES IN YOUR NOSE. 

Now that we have that covered...

In fact, when we were shooting these outfits, my fingers were turning white and I was cursing in my head like a truck driver. The things we do!

My skirt is super fun and a bit Betty Draper but that's why I love it. It's such a departure from my normal attire. I can't wait to pair it with a simple white tee and red, strappy heels. The colors are really the star of the show on this skirt. It would be cute with an oxford or even chambray, too.

For under $40, I see this colorful investment a "must" to get us through January! Shop my outfit below: