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Fearless Friday: Lisa Selman

Sometimes I wish Lisa had permanent residency in my home. On those challenging days when nothing seems to be going right, I would take solace in the fact that Lisa would have a mean cocktail waiting for me as soon as the clock turned happy hour. This girl knows how to whip up a strong drink and not just one...but an entire collection of craft cocktails! 

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Fearless Friday: Graham Kostic

Graham has a magnetic personality. I've only met about eight people in my life like this. He has a vision and it's precise and if you ask him to execute something, he will...full force, 100%. But it's that vision part that I admire. Anyone can see this when they scroll the pages of his popular Glossed + Found e-zine. It's fashion, it's editorial, it's video content - all on steroids. The best, most colorful steroids ever to illuminate your computer screen.

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Wrapped in warmth.

I can't imagine a winter that didn't involve heavy coats and multiple layers. It's all I've ever known. And if you talk to any good Midwesterner, they'll be extraordinarily candid about how important a good coat can be. Take it from someone who is looking forward to 40 degree temps today. And yes, you read that correctly. We were in the negatives just 48 hours ago, my friends.

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Underneath the Big Top.

Quality time with my kids is somewhat a challenge before the holidays. There's a lot of craziness and running around...and events. We usually average about two weekends of "absolutely nothing" before we turn into spinning tops. Sound familiar?

Well, recently we got to hit the "pause" button and take our kids to the circus for the first time. Honestly, we had forgotten how good it was! Or maybe as adults, we've come to appreciate what a production it is. And our kids...they loved it!

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Fearless Friday: Corri McFadden

Corri has been an unstoppable force in the fashion community for years. Her story has inspired young women and fellow entrepreneurs for years including myself. Not only has her brand, eDrop-off, withstood multiple economy shifts but it continues to thrive. She's a knock-out, a rocker, a momma, a #bossbabe, a fashionista and more. Check out what makes Corri such a fan favorite in the Chicago community!

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Fearless Friday: Lindzi Shanks

It's always nice when you meet a fellow color lover like Lindzi. She is unapologetically vibrant and girlie to the core. I often think to myself...if you're gonna be a girl...go big! That Lindzi does. With two FT businesses, I don't know how she comes up for air but such is the life of a #girlboss. From sassy tees to a well curated collection of whimsical paper goods and coffee mugs, you can find a gift for just about every lady on your list. Perfect timing for the holidays! 

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Fearless Friday: Elizabeth Williams

When you meet Liz, her warm smile will undoubtedly be the first thing you notice. She puts everyone at ease. There is a twinkle in her eye that never dulls and, in fact, gets brighter when she talks about her husband or her kids...and now her newest baby, Coat Check

Having lived in Chicago followed by a short stint to New York only to find herself back in Chicago once more...Liz is the perfect addition to the emerging fashion scene in Chicago.

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