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The Best of Instagram - February

February is always such a whirlwind. In some aspects, I like that it's a short month because it signifies the end of what usually is a long winter. On the other hand, everything feels rushed. So, today, I am taking a moment to stop and smell the roses sharing my favorite moments from the month. A ton of QT with our little family and some welcome mail surprises. All in all, not a bad month…filled with color, of course. I think that's the Chicagoan in me - always seeking color on the grayest of days!

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10 Instagram feeds to follow! (vol. 1)

Piggybacking off of yesterday's post, today I'm share 10 Instagram feeds that I look to for inspiration everyday. Truly, these 10 feeds inspire me, make me smile and in turn, push me to create a better feed for myself and my clients.

After looking at these, it's no secret that I am a fan of color but what's interesting is that my taste really runs the gamut ranging from photographers to fashion bloggers to moms with great style.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! And Happy Friday! (let's follow each other!)

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Let's get social: navigating your way through Instagram.


As a passionate student of social media, I can tell you it's a never ending learning curve for me. (this might explain some of it) There are so many channels to manage - each of them having a distinct purpose, audience and tone - that I've learned to really hone my craft by focusing on one a month. Now, technically, that's not possible for me anymore because I have clients to serve, but, what I do recommend is concentrating a large percentage of your efforts on one channel a month and really cutting your teeth on what's effective and what's not. 

P/S Follow my feeds, duh! 101thingsilove | OakStSocial


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