10 Instagram Feeds To Follow! (vol. 2)

It's been a while. I've been busy getting inspired. I thought you should, too which is why I am sharing the second edition of my favorite Instagram feeds. Some come and go but these are daily check-ins for me. Vol. 1 can be found here.

It's February...let's all get inspired until March peeks its head around the corner. Shall we?

instanaimabarcelona - digital creative and influencer with an eye for fashion's finest moments.

tour the planet - a tour of the globe's most exquisite and exclusive destinations that will make your jaw drop.

h.rebel - the most incredible and colorful flatlays of food...think color and detail on steroids.

food52 - get inspired to cook or bake or both. Gorgeous, rustic photography of none other than food.

A Color Story - this new app has a gorgeous feed full of creative people's content with high pigmentation. If unicorn's had an Instagram feed...

Color Me Courtney - an NYC blogger with personality and lotsa bright red lipstick. Her posts make me happy.

sprinkled life - think confetti, pink and sweets 24/7. The ultimate girly feed.

curated agency - a social media brand agency with a great mix of lifestyle imagery. I follow them for inspiration and in admiration for my own company - @oakstsocial!

sole influencer - do I need to say anything on this one? It's a feed of just shoes. You're welcome.

splendid_rags - she's a visual creator and another color lover but done oh-so-right. Her vintage finds paired with modern staples make me want to pack up and move to Cali. 

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