5 Instagram accounts I am loving now!

Tricoci @Didier-33.jpg

I've saved this photo for a year. Can you believe it? One of my very talented friends who happens to shoot on the regular for my company shot it when I wasn't paying attention...on a Halloween shoot, natch.

That was a fun morning and perhaps I've saved this image for so long because I like the idea behind it and what it represents. As someone who literally spends ALL day on social media...this is a very natural photo of me. In some ways, social media has ruined my work/life balance but in others, it's helped me find the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Social media has awakened the senses and truly made me stop to smell the roses. That a truth as cloy as it might sound. Two days ago I stopped mid-run to snap a photo of changing leaves on a tree because the colors were outstanding. I've become a color lover. I will always stop for pumpkins, a good floral arrangement and a cotton candy sky. I love to capture my girls on the go and yet it also inspires me to capture the well styled, fun aspects of my life...like throwing falsies on a pumpkin for the sake of a mascara collaboration. Yup, all in the name of Instagram. 

Is it a FOMO issue? Maybe but I like to think social media has taught me to take better pictures. Appreciate the small things. I've become profoundly impacted by natural disasters and acts of violence and the positive effect social media can have in engaging our community to unite and do something good. 

So what's inspiring me lately? Today I am sharing five accounts that either evoke an emotion in me or move me to think harder about my own personal footprint. Double tap that shit!


Ginger Parrish: She's a mom of three that exudes an insane amount of happiness through her daily photos. There is an energy about her feed. She welcomes the chaos and life's imperfections and always with a bold lip, which I appreciate. I feel like she is truly enjoying motherhood which makes me want to stop and do the same.


Kirsty Fleming: Aside from having a perfect physique, I like to just revel in the beach waved hair and blue skies. Her feed is an escape for me. It's like vacation on steroids 24/7 and I've been following her for over a year. There's an exotic quality to her posts that is so different from my normal life. I suppose opposites attract!


The Korean Vegan: Aside from her inspiring story, I find her photography to be mesmerizing. I love the moody, darkness. She makes going vegan plain sexy. She's a lawyer by day and a budding, self-taught artist by night. That's inspiring to me. She taught herself how to edit photos by watching YouTube. Imagine!


Lulu's Dreamtown: I cannot resist a pop of color or the rainbow for that matter. Also a vegan, her food photography makes me want to eat better. That can never be a bad thing! I want to eat every acai bowl and smoothie she creates. Everything is styled to perfection. If you are ever down on a cloudy day...turn to her feed. It's pure sunshine!


Gitta Banko: She's just fashion perfection. I love her blonde choppy hair and her panachè in mixing athleisure with designer heels and bags. She has that effortless, "I just woke up like this" kinda aesthetic that keeps me coming back for more. And the European backdrops don't hurt either. To me, it looks like she doesn't take herself too seriously and I love that quality in an influencer.

That's my list! More importantly...

Who's inspiring you?