Failure or more internal battle.

I feel like a complete failure. Also, it's safe to say this is not another fashion post. If you're not up for a healthy dose of cerebral this Tuesday morning...stop right here. <you've been warned>

Truth is, start ups are not easy. Unlike motherhood or marriage, I generally don't find a warm hug waiting for me at the end of every rejection email. Anyone who says becoming an entrepreneur is glamorous is very mistaken. While the rewards are oh-so-sweet, the dry spells feel like deserts.

My company has flourished and we've landed several marquee accounts. I'm proud to have them and nervous to keep them. We can never let our guards down. Our clients want nothing less than perfection. 

In the sales world, July and August are like death. Sales are slow as owners travel with their kids one last time before school starts again. Just like everyone during the summer months - outside beckons making shutting down that computer early a bit more attractive. It's the equivalent of January to every retailer once the holidays have died down. Slowwwwwwwwww does not begin to describe. And I'd be lying if I said that we are not exempt to that. 

I feel like a failure because I am head up our Accounts Department as well as our New Business Acquisition. And by failure I mean new business has been a struggle. While I hosted many big proposal discussions this many fell through the cracks for a myriad of reasons. 

Fast forward to September and I've been working like a dog. Pitching like a dog. The sheer number of people I reach out to in a single day is more than I ever used to before. Perhaps it's because we are entering year two and I have less admin work to do with getting a company up and running but I'm antsy. Mildly depressed and just feeling like I lost my mojo. We need some new content to reinvigorate the enthusiasm. Heck, I need it for me!

Sales is such a psychological game of warfare. The highs are high and the lows are low. Everything at home is amazing; frankly, couldn't be better but this is affecting me. We've worked so hard as a company and one, new win would make such a difference. 

You'll have to give me a hall pass today as I am trying to get my A-game on. I know hard work yields reward...I just need a decrease in the "no thank you's" and an increase in the "where do I sign?" 

Wearing the #girlboss crown is not always a perfect fit everyday but I'm gonna keep readjusting until it fits just right again. That and a heaping tablespoon of patience.

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