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Evergreen interviewing tips that actually work!

I’ve been in the interviewing hot seat for many many years. Conversely, I, too have interviewed for several jobs before launching my own company. While times have changed, I wanted to share a few tips that will actually help you land the job of your dreams. It’s possible! Call me old-fashioned but these timeless tips take very little time and make ALL the difference.

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Resilience + balance. <the truth about becoming an entrepreneur>

Solopreneur. Mompreneur. Entrepreneur. They all point to the same title but what does it mean for you as you contemplate this roller coaster of a journey? I can sum it up in two words: wildly exhausting. Wild and exhausting don’t always have to have a negative connotation. I was a wild 20-something which = I had a heck of a lot of fun! Traveling Europe was exhausting which = fulfilling, enriching, my brain exploded with an appreciation for a different culture.

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Career: How to prep for a TV segment. <11 tips>

One of the things you asked for when I polled my Instagram audience was more career how-to's and advice in 2018. Ask and you shall receive!

I just wrapped up my first television appearance of the year. With any luck, I will be doing more to help promote my company, Oak Street Social. TV can be exciting and an adrenaline rush but it can also be nerve-racking and stressful. Does it have to be? The answer is no! 

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Trending...#2016. How to achieve Instagram greatness 8 different ways.

I get asked constantly how my clients can improve their Instagram game. Constantly and it's one of my favorite questions to answer because it changes constantly!

If there's one thing I am well versed on, a student for life, it's social media. I don't talk about my job too much on this little blog of mine but I can tell you I know what I know and in this's Instagram. I could not even calculate the hours I have spent staring at those little boxes and hashtags trying to up my game for my clients and then eventually...myself...all in the name of this little blog. I'm passionate about it and I love it. Sometimes I hate it but all in all, I'm infatuated with the conversations taking place.

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Failure or more internal battle.

I feel like a complete failure. Also, it's safe to say this is not another fashion post. If you're not up for a healthy dose of cerebral this Tuesday morning...stop right here. <you've been warned>

Truth is, start ups are not easy. Unlike motherhood or marriage, I generally don't find a warm hug waiting for me at the end of every rejection email. Anyone who says becoming an entrepreneur is glamorous is very mistaken. While the rewards are oh-so-sweet, the dry spells feel like deserts.

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