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Fearless Friday: Sanem D'Angelo

Sanem is a girl's girl. She works tirelessly to grow her own business but she's just about the biggest supporter of her fellow entrepreneurs as anyone could be. She's a mother, a wife, a #girlboss, a friend and so much more. Every time I see her, it's no time has passed. I could talk to this woman about pretty much everything under the sun. She's equal parts serious as she is funny, too. We traded a few mom stories just the other night. She always makes me giggle because she keeps it real. What you don't know is that this beauty is the owner of a thriving boutique nestled in Oak Park for seven years now! That's retail success right there! See how she got started and meet one of my favorite Chicagoans!

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Best booties for your buck!

Let's talk shoes. Booties specifically. As a Chicago gal, winter footwear adjusts drastically. Open toe shoes are officially a thing of the past as we hit single digits this weekend. Brrrr is right! 

Let's stop and pause for a second. How much do you spend on boots? $50? $150? More? No judgement here but what if I told you that affordable + fashionable belong in the same sentence and it's possible to find GREAT boots for under $50? BAM! It's true. Meet ShoeDazzle...better my cute, new booties shown above!

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Midnight velvet.

I don't think of myself as a real sexpot. Quite the opposite. I think I've been described as "cute" in the a Barbie sort of way but definitely not va-va-voom! I've been okay with that for years, by the way. But! Every once in a while it's probably a good idea that we stretch our comfort levels and do something out of the ordinary. Like wear lingerie during the daytime. 

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