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Traveling alone with kids and why you should do it!

I am on the tail end of a holiday weekend trip to Aspen with my girls. Why not? Conferences + President’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to embrace one of my New Year’s intentions: travel more + disconnect.

We set out on Valentine’s Day to visit our Chicago-turned-Aspen friends. After moving nearly six months ago and an open invite; I pounced on great airfare and what would be an awesome mom/daughter adventure.

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Cozy GNO destinations + 3 reasons why you need these in your life.

There is not one of my girlfriends who isn’t juggling a million balls in the air. Whether they are an entrepreneur, a creative, a FT mom…they all have one thing in common: they are HUSTLERS. These women manage their homes, their families, their businesses, feed everyone and still manage to look like a total fox at all times. That takes tremendous talent. Trust in this.

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Friendship: Why wasn't I invited?

In the blogging community, FOMO is a real thing. This topic is especially poignant given that it's NYFW. And for what it's worth, I've attended several times and I am totally okay with not being there this year. It's not all glitz and's a lot of schlepping, sweating, missed cabs, foot pain and hunger. Would I go again? For sure. Am I okay with missing a few? Most definitely! But, I digress...

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Life according to Instagram lately...

It's always fun to look back on the last 30 days and review life as we know it. Fall is such a busy time of year. It usually leaves me breathless but in the best way. It's been so long since I've done one of these that I felt today appropriate. I've had a bit of a black cloud over my head as of late but TODAY the sun is shining and it's Friday!

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