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Freeze the fat!

If you’ve been following me long enough, you know a few facts about me:

  1. I work out quite a bit and it makes me a more sane person.

  2. My time is very limited because family first!

  3. I have IBS and am allergic to gluten and dairy.

  4. I have two beautiful children and I am in my 40’s.

  5. The area of my body that I struggle with the most <both physically and mentally> is my stomach.

READ: #5; I hate my stomach.

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Why I ride.

Fitness is a choice. In my 20’s I worked out to be skinny. In my 30’s I did it to to get more toned and work off stubborn baby weight. In my 40’s I do it to find joy. Fitness sparks joy for me. It has become much more of a mental game then a scale game for me. Let me be clear though, I am no different than any other woman. I work out to look good and fit in my clothes, too. Every woman does. I also work out so that I can indulge. It’s a crazy cycle of balance but more than anything I do it for my own sanity.

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Join us at the theatre!

The performing arts are such an important part of my youth and our family culture. Too often they are ignored but slowly, we can all use social media to bring attention to the amazing talent in and around Chicagoland. Everywhere, really. If you feel the same and this is a priority for your kids, then I’d love for you to join me this Sunday, 6/9/18 at Drury Lane Theater for a special run of “Matilda.” You’ve all seen the movie…now we have the theater production and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s a dark story with a true happy ending.

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Our journey with Advanced Laser Aesthetics.

Great skincare, anti-aging and invasive treatments are a part of aging and if there is one message I could stress it’s that knowing and trusting your medical professionals is absolutely paramount. Just as it’s important to know what we are consuming or putting into our bodies. Medical technology has advanced so much that surgery is no longer a requirement which makes life quite simpler and more affordable.

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Devil in the White City.

Since we are at the “in-between” stage, I’m gravitating towards ethereal dresses and smart layering. This dress was a complete style steal. I cannot wait to wear it all summer long with a pair of neutral sandals…glass of rosé in hand, natch. It just floats behind you and there is a drop waist in the back under your bum which is all sorts of magic. I really love it. Just need a spray tan and we’re good to go!

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