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Be unique with Monique Boutique!

You'll never hear me complain about wearing sequins. Sequins give me life. And I happen to know a great many women that share my sentiment. My partner and my best friends as a matter of fact!  

Here's why I love this little diddy from Monique Boutique. It's the perfect amount of sexy but still tasteful.

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Everyday sequins.

I've always had the belief that sequins shouldn't be reserved for New Year's only. That seems like a waste of beauty. I believe there is a place for everyday sequins. After all, it has anything and everything to do with your attitude when you wear them. Today's dress is no exception. I can and will find many occasions to wear this lil number. It's even more stunning in person. 

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Between Lola's birthday party this past weekend, work and a Sunday night concert, I had to take yesterday off from the blog because my anxiety was enough to cause a heart attack alongside a serious case of the Monday's. I was truly in the weeds so rather than beat myself up and try to crank out a poop-tastic post, I thought I'd give you back five minutes of your life and spare myself the pressure of trying to be creative.

And so, I'm back!

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