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I had a conversation about karma last night with a few blogger friends. One of the true gifts of this hobby. We chatted about the industry and how it's changing and of course, the people in it. It's interesting...with all the crazy things happening in this world...there is still a disconnect in supporting one another. Specifically amongst women. This topic is such a head scratcher for me because we all have something unique to bring to the table. Why not celebrate that vs. worry SO much about what our peers are doing?

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Southport blue.

Another weekend for the books! How was yours?

Ours was anything but laid back but I'm still grateful for some time off because it is truly Monday! As soon as I looked at my phone this morning, I immediately wanted to slam it back down vs. face a mountain of emails and logistics that I have cut out for me today. Monday, you are quite the heel, I tell ya. 

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