Southport blue.

Another weekend for the books! How was yours?

Ours was anything but laid back but I'm still grateful for some time off because it is truly Monday! As soon as I looked at my phone this morning, I immediately wanted to slam it back down vs. face a mountain of emails and logistics that I have cut out for me today. Monday, you are quite the heel, I tell ya. 

I'm back with another airy sundress from Teeze Me. This periwinkle number was a quick favorite due to its flattering cut and see-through midriff. Nothing to over-the-top though as I am not a huge fan of my abdomen region. Baby steps!

In other sartorial news, we're hosting our first garage sale. It could be a total flop but I had one of those days where I realized we just have too much stuff. Let me rephrase that...I have too much stuff. So...if you live in Chicagoland and are in need of accessories, kiddo gear, baby and women's clothes, home decor and a whole mish mosh of other assorted items...stop on by!

No, but seriously...message me and I will share my address!

As for today...sending out the very best Monday vibes to all of you! Let's pray for peace EVERYWHERE (no more crime, please) + a productive week! 

Shop my dress here + some of my other favorite TeezeMe sundresses below: