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Devil in the White City.

Since we are at the “in-between” stage, I’m gravitating towards ethereal dresses and smart layering. This dress was a complete style steal. I cannot wait to wear it all summer long with a pair of neutral sandals…glass of rosé in hand, natch. It just floats behind you and there is a drop waist in the back under your bum which is all sorts of magic. I really love it. Just need a spray tan and we’re good to go!

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Babies + pink chocolate.

Sunday was so busy. I was cursing myself @ 7:30am but felt completely fulfilled by 5pm which is when Lola and I returned home. Talk about a full day! And while I typically prefer a lounge-y kinda Sunday; I cannot lie…we had a great mother/daughter day. Olivia had a Dad Day in the city with her uncle which was filled with arcade games, burgers and hanging out with my brother’s cats. That’s living her best life if you don’t know my Olivia.

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The color spectrum.

It's safe to say that I have gotten my ROI out of this dress. At a whopping $26, I've worn it for countless meetings, Thanksgiving and now this shoot. Sure, I should be wearing tights given that it's December in Chicago but we were indoors. Shooting outside, as I've gotten older, has become less and less attractive to me. Bah!

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