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Thursday loves.

Mmmmmm Fall. So delicious and layered and vibrant. I may have a case of the FOMOs from Fashion Week but I am ready to embrace a new season. Not to be confused with pumpkin spice anything because that stuff is gross. Just gimme all the honey crisp apples, sweaters and bonfires and I am a happy camper...a stylish camper but happy!

What's the #1 thing on your Fall shopping wish list? Dying to know!

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#MBFW Day 3 favorites.

Rounding out my #NYFW experience with the final recap...Day 3. (Day 2 recap here) I apologize for the delay in posting today. Truth is, I'm tired. 70-hour work weeks will do that to you. Anyhoo, FASHION - let's discuss.

We kicked off the morning early for Lie Sangbong. (not easy when dehydration levels run high and caffeine levels are low) Lie Sangbong was new to me. 

By the time we walked out of the hotel that morning, it was 98 degrees. I swear. Which is why I so smartly wore a tweed suit. Observe.

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Splashy entrances.

Yesterday I shared 20 tips to get you through #MBFW. Today I am sharing what I wore, travel day included, and what necessities I pack for said activities. As a mom, I come prepared because nobody cares about your blister or your lost sunglasses. (still pissed I lost mine BUT I did bring two back ups so shit does happen for a reason) Obviously the accessory gods want me to update my eyewear. Challenge accepted.

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Weekly Wrap Up + Links

Reporting to you live from Day 2 of #NYFW! Hi! Good morning! I'm trying to snap as many photos as possible to share with you next week so stay tuned. We've sweat, run into side entrances, stood in long lines, drank more wine than water, lost a pair of sunglasses and broke one necklace. ...and we're ready to tackle a packed agenda of shows again today. Hope your Friday is awesome! Keep up with me on Instagram for more #MBFW coverage.

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