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Olivia is such a ray of sunshine. I think you can see it in these photos. This year has been such a big year for her growth. She's one of the funniest and brightest kindergartners I know. Naturally. Being her mom is one of the most rewarding jobs of all time. I wish I could take credit for her personality but I think Livie just has all sorts of goodness in her. She is caring and protective of her sister. She adores her father. She is thoughtful and makes little gifts for her grandparents. She works hard on her school work and she is a gifted little artist. I love seeing her creativity blossom.

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Best booties for your buck!

Let's talk shoes. Booties specifically. As a Chicago gal, winter footwear adjusts drastically. Open toe shoes are officially a thing of the past as we hit single digits this weekend. Brrrr is right! 

Let's stop and pause for a second. How much do you spend on boots? $50? $150? More? No judgement here but what if I told you that affordable + fashionable belong in the same sentence and it's possible to find GREAT boots for under $50? BAM! It's true. Meet ShoeDazzle...better my cute, new booties shown above!

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Cinderella moment.

When I opened up the box containing this dress, only one thought entered my mind. "I'm going to save this dress for future proms and homecomings." It's true. I immediately envisioned my girls on their way to a school dance. 

But first, I have to get a few wears in because it is too exquisite for words. Holy pink sparkles!

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Put a bow on it!

If this weekend was any indication of how this summer is going to be - I am excited for an awesome summer! We explored Randolph Market, grilled out with friends, celebrated my birthday via date night and hung with our cousins. It was jam packed but super fun!

And we must thank the weather gods because they really delivered!

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The thing about rain is that while it sucks after days of it; it does some pretty rad things for the local greenery. The only thing that has been "enhanced" in these photos is my aging complexion! Ha!

I was shopping for Mother's Day last week when I ran into a friend at the mall. We made a pitstop in Zara when she spotted this top. Normally I would walk right by it. Not sure why but it's true. She convinced me that it would be so great for vacation, etc and minutes later I was at the check out. Well, thank goodness for friends with good sartorial sense because I now adore this top!

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Cafe style.

The trend continues. Can't stop, won't stop! 

This weekend we tried on bathing suits and summer clothes in preparation for our trip. Naturally, it started to snow in Chicago simultaneously. And yes, it's April. Just putting it out there that I just remarked to my mom this week that I thought we'd seen the last of the's my fault.

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The Waldorf.

I think I had a growth spurt in the last two months. Not the kind where your pants don't fit or your sleeves are too short. A different kinda growth spurt. I had an internal growth spurt. These are always rocky to navigate but when you come out of them, you realize that you are that much better off. I've grown as a person. Again...gosh, when does this stop? It's exhausting!

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