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Let's keep it tropical.

Last summer I was on the hunt for a great banana leaf/palm print dress. That didn't happen...most likely because I was looking too hard. You know how that goes. This year I was obsessed with lace up sandals until I stumbled upon this...this dress which made all my tropical dress dreams come true!

It's always when you're not looking, right?

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Eyes for Eyelet.

Surprise! I'm back and fittingly on my birthday. And what a gift...81 degree weather! #nocomplaints

The family and I jetted off to Hilton Head last week for our annual beach vacation. It was wonderfully slow, full of delicious seafood and rid of any of the previous week's work anxiety. Just what the doctor ordered.

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The thing about rain is that while it sucks after days of it; it does some pretty rad things for the local greenery. The only thing that has been "enhanced" in these photos is my aging complexion! Ha!

I was shopping for Mother's Day last week when I ran into a friend at the mall. We made a pitstop in Zara when she spotted this top. Normally I would walk right by it. Not sure why but it's true. She convinced me that it would be so great for vacation, etc and minutes later I was at the check out. Well, thank goodness for friends with good sartorial sense because I now adore this top!

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Cafe style.

The trend continues. Can't stop, won't stop! 

This weekend we tried on bathing suits and summer clothes in preparation for our trip. Naturally, it started to snow in Chicago simultaneously. And yes, it's April. Just putting it out there that I just remarked to my mom this week that I thought we'd seen the last of the's my fault.

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Sunshine on My Shoulders...

If there's a pink wall...I'll find it. Happy Hump Day! 

We took these photos killing time before a meeting this week. And yes, I was optimistically dressed for Spring. I spotted this top on my girlfriend Jen last season and fell in love. For $18, I think we can all agree that it's a style steal. Did I mention it's supposed to be a dress? there's that! I think they call this "dressing for your age."

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Just peachy.

Spring is in full swing and I couldn't be happier about it. Everyone's moods have lifted and there are tiny buds popping out from the ground in my front yard. Next, the cherry blossom tree which is my absolute favorite if even for just a fleeting moment in time. Can you imagine what D.C. looks like? ...on my bucket list for sure!

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Put a little love in your heart!

I've been resisting this wall for almost a year. Not because it isn't the most adorable thing ever but because everyone has shot in front of it. Played out? Perhaps. Not that I'm the Magellan of street murals because let's face it...we're all stealing ideas from our peers when it comes to social media and blogging...BUT, I just didn't have anything original to bring to the table.

But then...I succumbed. I realized that I don't have to have the flashiest outfit. I just need to feel comfortable in the skin I'm in. And so began today's style post...with a classic wrap dress. 

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Often I reach for simple because it takes everything in me to pull it together in the morning. Simple frocks and heels can buy you a ticket into just about anywhere. As exhibited above. It's a basic tee dress "simply adorned" with a strong statement necklace and a bold lip. That's it. No sartorial miracle there. 

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