Often I reach for simple because it takes everything in me to pull it together in the morning. Simple frocks and heels can buy you a ticket into just about anywhere. As exhibited above. It's a basic tee dress "simply adorned" with a strong statement necklace and a bold lip. That's it. No sartorial miracle there. 

I'm a professional "chicken-running-with-her-head-cut-off" hence a calm day would just befuddle me. Have I mentioned I am craving a desk day like no other?

Also P/S - this dress does not wrinkle! It also dries rather quickly as I witnessed in one meeting yesterday when a black lab continued to drop a wet, slobbery ball in my lap. I didn't mind made me think of Lucy. We could all learn a few lessons from dogs...maybe that's my next Fearless Friday!

Dresses are such a staple in my life. I'm lost without them. Especially when it's 6am and I am staring bleary eyed a closet full of options. This is helpful! 

What's your go-to closet staple?

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