Fearless Friday: 5 things my canine friend taught me about business.

I wrote what Lucy taught me about life here. Today I'm writing about what she's taught me about business. Think I'm kidding? P/S That's my Lucy and my husband. I adore that picture of her. Still think about her every day...

But back to business. My husband and I sat reflecting about some of her funnier traits last night and there is some validity behind these learnings. Dogs are not stupid so indulge me on this one. And do share what your furry friend has taught you...you know they co-conspire don't you?

  1. Sometimes you have to eat your own shit to get ahead. - This was my husband's. Just gonna put that right out there. Also, sometimes dogs...well...they do the above. It's frankly the worst BUT there is a lesson here. Sometimes we make mistakes in business. Be honest with yourself and the client, own it, find the lesson and create a new process so it doesn't happen again...most important - move on! We are all human. Definitely don't blame your mistake on someone else!
  2. The loudest barker gets the most attention. - In sales there is a finesse to closing the deal and it certainly doesn't happen by waiting for the client to take the lead. They are too focused on their own business! Frankly, you need to be comfortable asking for the sale and getting a little aggressive. Bark enough and someone will answer you.
  3. If you wait long enough you'll get some table scraps. - Sometimes it feels like that deal or your career path has no end in sight. Truth is, with enough hard work and persistence...you can achieve anything you want. Those table scraps generally become a nice, juicy steak!
  4. Don't be afraid to have a staring contest with your owner (client). - One of the biggest tricks to closing that deal, building trust, landing that interview is simple: stare people in the eyes. Okay, maybe not stare but definitely look people in the eyes. It's alarming to them. But, it also puts them in focus and in the hot seat to engage with you. Pay attention...most people don't look you in the eyes when they speak to you. They're always looking over your shoulder. It tells a lot about where their priorities are and if you have their attention.
  5. Everyone wants to play ball. - In business, there is no relationship wasted. Everyone wants to get in the game. It's utterly amazing how many relationships have come into play from past networking. I'm talking to people from three jobs ago and they all bring value to the table. Never burn a bridge and never walk away from a coffee or a good handshake. You never know if they might become your next referral or even better, your next client!

Hope you've enjoyed my canine morsels for today. I've got some really amazing Fearless Friday's lined up including an entrepreneur from the cosmetic industry and more! If you know of a great candidate for my Fearless Friday series...email me at 101luvs@gmail.com. 

Happy Friday!

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