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She's 8!

Previous years didn’t affect me as much as this birthday. Not sure why. Eight might as well be ten as far as I’m concerned. She just doesn’t feel like a little girl anymore and while it’s wonderful to see her grow and I couldn’t be more proud…gosh, I am not ready to let go of that little baby. This is a sentimental birthday for me. Missing teeth and all.

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International travel tips + why you don't need a travel agent...

Okay, I am going to try and sum up the questions I’ve received as best as I can when it comes to our European Family Adventure. Since I’ve returned, I cannot tell you how lovely it is to see people in person, receive texts, DMs and emails regarding how you all followed along and loved my posts and stories. That just warms a girl’s heart and I am not kidding in the least bit. It is so much work to edit and create story content worth posting that is not only visually appealing but actually unique and interesting. I could have stopped at every corner to snap photos but that is clearly not an option.

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Feed Your Brain And Learn To Let Go Of The Guilt.

I’ve spent many many years of my life feeling guilty for taking time off. 2019 is not exempt but I am a work in progress. Rewinding the clock, it’s safe to say that for the last 20 years of my career, I’ve felt bad asking for time off and even worse when I returned. Now, as a co-founder of a bustling social media agency, I still feel guilty which is weird because it’s my company! Is there something off with my mental health, the American way or do we just have it all wrong?

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International Flight Necessities: Jo's version

I had to think long and hard about what to pack for this trip. And by this trip I am referring to London and Paris. This wasn’t going to be a Fashion Week trip although I did want to maintain some level of style. This was a family trip with much warmer temps than our Chicago. With that said, it’s been awhile since I’ve had to travel international which begs the question…what are my carry-on travel essentials?

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Traveling alone with kids and why you should do it!

I am on the tail end of a holiday weekend trip to Aspen with my girls. Why not? Conferences + President’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to embrace one of my New Year’s intentions: travel more + disconnect.

We set out on Valentine’s Day to visit our Chicago-turned-Aspen friends. After moving nearly six months ago and an open invite; I pounced on great airfare and what would be an awesome mom/daughter adventure.

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5 things you can do for a friend in need.

It’s been a full circle week. What looked like a normal week of kids, work and typical weekly balance challenges took a complete nose dive as of Sunday night. The universe is mysterious but like any hard life event, I learned a little about myself and a lot about my tribe. It was the catalyst for this post as I was so moved by the kind actions and notes people shared with me.

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Take me to the movies!

I am pretty sure I’ve discovered family gold when it comes to weekend activities. You can thank me later. I first started sharing about CMX Cinemas on my IG and my DMs blew up so I wanted to share in a full blog post as well.

Visiting this luxurious movie theater parents might just award you Mom of the Year OR Wife of the Year so listen up because “going to the movies” just got a whole lot cooler.

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