"Mom, I'm bored." There's a site for that! (+ a giveaway!)

The hardest part of being a mom is leaving your kids. Of course, it makes the return that much sweeter. The other hardest part is when you've got 'em...what do you do with them? Yes, we are now at that age in which I often hear, "Mom, I'm bored." or "What are we gonna do today that's fun?"

And, if you're anything like me, you'd prefer them not to stare at a screen all day. Unless they are, of course, sick like my eldest who is laying in my bed moaning as she sleeps. Strep throat strikes our house on Spring Break. Oy!

Back to the activity dilemma. Have you ever heard of Afterschoolz? It's the answer for Chicagoland moms like me who have run out of magical powers now that my kids are out of napping and in school. Know what else is around the corner? Summer. In our house that translates to the never-ending stress of trying to keep my two divas entertained, safe and inspired.

That's why I turned to Afterschoolz! This site curates all the local camps and activities in our area so that you can enroll your kids in a diverse array of programs all from one website. I love it! You can browse by age or interest. 

Olivia is interested in acting while Lola has recently decided to take up tennis. Yes, they surprise me everyday! Those two don't do it for you? How about cooking at Sur la Table? Science at the Morton Arboretum? Lacrosse. Dribbling class. The list goes on. Activities are available up to 17 years of age, too!

So while these two give me a run for my money now, I can breathe a sigh of relief because I know they'll be meeting new friends, exploring new hobbies, creating new projects and, most of all, safe as we head into another busy summer. 

What are you enrolling your kids in this summer?

Join Afterschoolz now!

...and now a giveaway from our sponsor! Visit the Afterschoolz website and social channels to be eligible for a $50 Visa gift card OR leave a comment on today's post about what activity you think your kiddo would love most!