3 Practical Gifts for Gifting Season

Gift giving has arrived my friends! When I think of the items I use daily, the absolute necessities in life, they are often brilliant inventions that have a practical function in my life. Believe it or not, they aren't shoes or dresses, they're items that help me function as a parent, a host, an entertainer...you know, an overall renaissance woman of sorts. Totally kidding!

On that note, I've been a long time fan of Uncommon Goods for their whimsical take on household items that I absolutely need in my life to survive. There's a story behind each piece sharing the craftsman that conjured up each genius invention as well as the ability to make even the most mundane items a conversation piece. I've got appetizer bowls to pillows and every time I put them on display, my guests will comment on what a fun piece it is.

That's my favorite kind of FUNctionality. Get it?...FUN-ctionality?! Nevermind...

Lately my husband and I are relying on this tablet holder to cook with the girls. Anyone find it incredible annoying to stare and unlock a sticky tablet when you're trying to read a recipe with your toddler? I know I'm not alone on this one! I love this piece because I rarely have to pause what I'm doing to see the next step. The tablet sits at a comfortable level for reading recipes which means I can keep an eye on Lola while she tries to dump an extra cup of flour into our bread-making recipe. #itsthelittlethings

Entertaining is kind of a cinch when you have a fun platter to display the goodies on. We love this cheese & crackers board because you can fit all the fixin's on it and our guests will marvel at what a cute platter it is. 

My girls love a good cheese plate as much as Jack & I do. Sometimes its just fun to set up on a Friday night and really, you could use it for just about any kind of snack!

Just be aware that little hands will eat most of the snacks before final set up. Little bit of a job hazard but I digress...

I've decided that kitchen floor mats are really boring and unattractive. Uncommon Goods helped me "step" up my game with this uber adorable, personalized version. We are a household that has music on, all different genres, at all times. Specifically when cooking, too. I love that we can tie that theme into our decor whilst giving a nostalgic reference to 80's mix tapes. The girls haven't a clue why this is cool but mom + dad sure do! They just love seeing their name beneath their toes!

Personalized gifts are always a win/win in my books so think holidays, people! And shop Uncommon's wide array of gifting options. From artists to small manufacturers - all of their products are made in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner. They're big on products that contain recycled components and have not sold products containing leather, feathers or fur. You could say they're committed to selling products that do no harm to people or animals.

They are my go-to site for birthday gifts or those hard to find men in your family, too! That's a gifting site I can stand behind... so what are you waiting for? Happy shopping! xo

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