Midnight velvet.

I don't think of myself as a real sexpot. Quite the opposite. I think I've been described as "cute" in the past...in a Barbie sort of way but definitely not va-va-voom! I've been okay with that for years, by the way. But! Every once in a while it's probably a good idea that we stretch our comfort levels and do something out of the ordinary. Like wear lingerie during the daytime. 

I was approached by one of the founders of Moi Soli for a collaboration recently. The challenge was simple: showcase that the beauty of their luxe nightwear should not be restricted to the bedroom...or night time for that matter. And, since I love love love to support local Chicago businesses; I accepted this mission.

Easy enough, right? Actually, sorta hard for me. I tend to shy away from showing a lot of skin but this nightdress deserved to be shown off. The gorgeous sapphire velvet and exquisite lace details make it a showstopper and the perfect dress for a cozy date night with the hubby. All it really needs is a fabulous faux fur and a great pair of heels.

Fun fact: The drawstrings can be worn tied crisscross across your chest and tied in back or as a choker as shown in today's post. No jewelry required!

I'm a total sucker for the colors though. The  soft blush and deep, navy velvet are what initially drew me in. That and my husband's face when I showed it to him. "Surprise" would be the expression I would use to describe his initial reaction. After all, I did vow to wear less sweatpants in the bedroom this year! Slowly working toward that goal.

Please do check out Moi Soli. This is not your momma's lingerie. This is sophisticated and refined night wear that is deserving of all the women out there that grind out work in a corporate environment, the mommas who are constantly cleaning sticky hands, the women that are the consummate caretakers...all of us deserve something that makes us feel special and a fabulous holiday prezzie, indeed!

Photography by Helen Berkun

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