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A Shopper's Uniform.

All right. Black Friday is around the corner. It's time to get serious. We all know the struggle. It's hot in the stores, cold outside and you're gonna get pushed around like a fat kid in a donut shop. What do you wear? I'll tell you...this outfit. It's ventilated and the jacket is not required. 

PS / you need stretchy denim post turkey time. Let's be honest.

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Midnight velvet.

I don't think of myself as a real sexpot. Quite the opposite. I think I've been described as "cute" in the a Barbie sort of way but definitely not va-va-voom! I've been okay with that for years, by the way. But! Every once in a while it's probably a good idea that we stretch our comfort levels and do something out of the ordinary. Like wear lingerie during the daytime. 

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