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Another day of smiling through the cold. That's how it works in February, right? Whelp, if you're gonna do it, might as well stay stylish.

Consider this week an official week at home. We now have three out of four of us down for the count. My living room looks like an infirmary. I have calls and one meeting scheduled but beyond that you will find me in sweatpants this week. I think my body is still trying to decide if it's gonna give in to this nasty flu virus that has taken residence in our house. 

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Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

And a Happy Tuesday to you! I feel like I am still recovering from the Super Bowl despite remaining completely sober. Is that possible? Maybe sleep is the answer. I have so much on my mind and some pretty tight deadline. Am I already dreaming about next weekend? You betcha!

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Trench layers.

This weekend was gorgeous topped with birthday parties, family time and some light errand running. Still a ways away from shorts and sandals weather but getting close. I've had this trench for some time and I am always happy to break it out again. It's one of my favorite basics. It's funny when you purchase something that you aren't ultra excited to wear but then find it's one of your most trusted pieces a decade later. I suppose that's a testament to our personal style evolution.

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A Shopper's Uniform.

All right. Black Friday is around the corner. It's time to get serious. We all know the struggle. It's hot in the stores, cold outside and you're gonna get pushed around like a fat kid in a donut shop. What do you wear? I'll tell you...this outfit. It's ventilated and the jacket is not required. 

PS / you need stretchy denim post turkey time. Let's be honest.

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t+j Designs Launch!

It's a special thing when mompreneurs band together and support each other. Today I'm sharing a new launch for t+j Designs that I am excited to support. I've spent a good portion of my shopping money on Tiffany and Jen's site for two reasons: 1. I love their jewelry and most recently, clothing! and 2. I believe in supporting small/local businesses. (Lisa owns her own business, too: BISTM! Check it out if you want to make some room in your closet!)

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