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Just one shoulder.

I think we are programmed to wear dressy separates with other dressy separates. I stopped subscribing to that once I had children. I realized I might be dressing up a hair less hence I decided to dress up the ordinary. Why shouldn't you wear what you love...everyday? So that become my mantra and today is no exception. 

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A Shopper's Uniform.

All right. Black Friday is around the corner. It's time to get serious. We all know the struggle. It's hot in the stores, cold outside and you're gonna get pushed around like a fat kid in a donut shop. What do you wear? I'll tell you...this outfit. It's ventilated and the jacket is not required. 

PS / you need stretchy denim post turkey time. Let's be honest.

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Designer? Why yes!

Fact #1: McQueen has cornered the market when it comes to clutches. I've only been coveting them for the last...oh...say...10 years?!

Meet Trendlee - based out of NYC, and is the premier destination for pre-owned luxury handbags online. (Chanel, Hermes, Celine, Prada, etc)

101 Readers: Receive 5% off on Trendlee by using my code: "101THINGSILOVE". How's that for Monday shopping inspo?

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