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A love affair with dresses.

I picked up this dress in December because dresses are my jam. I'm sure you're shocked at this new revelation. It was reasonably priced back then - much to my chagrin, I returned two items yesterday @ Topshop and this dress is now on super sale to the tune of a whopping $40. Darn it. This always happens to me. Swear. <today is your lucky day because I found the exact one online and linked it below>

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Designer? Why yes!

Fact #1: McQueen has cornered the market when it comes to clutches. I've only been coveting them for the last...oh...say...10 years?!

Meet Trendlee - based out of NYC, and is the premier destination for pre-owned luxury handbags online. (Chanel, Hermes, Celine, Prada, etc)

101 Readers: Receive 5% off on Trendlee by using my code: "101THINGSILOVE". How's that for Monday shopping inspo?

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