Designer? Why yes!

Fact #1: McQueen has cornered the market when it comes to clutches. I've only been coveting them for the last...oh...say...10 years?!

Meet Trendlee - based out of NYC, and the premier destination for pre-owned luxury handbags online. (Chanel, Hermes, Celine, Prada, etc)

101 Readers: Receive 5% off on Trendlee by using my code: "101THINGSILOVE". How's that for Monday shopping inspo?

Fact #2: I've been wanting a duster for what seems like ages. For whatever reason I was stumped on how to style it...until last week. Meet New Chic and there endless collection of on-trend fashion. When I chose to partner with them, this duster came with and now I'm addicted!

See! A good fashion blogger always kisses and tells and you know my philosophy...

"Always mix a little bit of high end with a little big of inexpensive chic. Together the two ingredients make for the perfect style recipe." IMO...

And while I'm a walking poster board these jeans! Best black, distressed denim I've ever owned. And I've owned and sold a lotta denim. Trust me. Speaking of, I just added a ton of new items to my Poshmark closet. PSA x 2!

Shop my outfit below: