Bikinis or bust!

The bikini. A staple of my youth. A dreaded fitting experience as an adult. But fear not! It doesn't have to be this way any longer. Target's made swimsuit shopping a cinch with what feels like a billion different fits, colors and coverage options. From teeny weeny to modest coverage, this year's experience was...dare I say...enjoyable?!

As a mom of two, there is no other option but full coverage. That's why this white 'kini was a match made in heaven. Between frequent trips to bathrooms, digging for sand toys, jellyfish hunts and the like...I can confidently tell you this puppy stays in place! 

I love the bandeau top, did I mention that? As a small chested woman, cups and wire are torture. They move, dig and let's face it...I never fill them out. Small chested friends - this is the suit for you! Rejoice!

And if you're seeking a sophisticated one-piece, try this one! I've also linked my suit below as well as the other contenders I fell in love with. And there's a lot to love, trust me! 

What do you prefer? One-pieces or bikinis? Shop my favorites below and the one I'm wearing below: