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A post on why I don't wear florals.

When people talk about Spring. I shrug. I dunno. Florals + me = no bueno. I’ve never been into ultra fem looks. I mean, I get it…they look lovely on many women, my friends even! Just not on me. I guess I consider myself more of a boot stomper. A ripped denim wearer. No frills. You get what you get.

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Them red boots!

I punctuate every outfit I put together with shoes. It’s always the frosting on the proverbial fashion cake. I’m just a shoe girl and it’s always been that way.

It’s also true that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red boot for what seems like my entire life. An exaggeration, I assure you but it feels that way. It’s always when you’re not looking that you find exactly what you need. Match that with a budget freeze you have yourself the perfect problem. Until now…

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Friday lounge wear.

Summer Fridays are meant to be slightly lazy with a dash of "I woke up like this" least in my opinion. I've been wearing these leisure trousers all summer. With an elastic waist, it seems like the perfect solution to a Friday fashion conundrum or a Monday after a weekend full of indulging. Which, is kinda always the case for me. Hello Summer rosé!

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Beauty: The return of rose.

There's been a wonderful re-emergence in the beauty world and it's the return of rose. Rose scents, rose ingredients, rose saturation. It's a thing of beauty, quite literally, that I will never tire of. You see, the intoxicating scent of a rose is truly my favorite scent of all. Never too strong or a skin irritant, it's hard for me to walk away from rose products at just about any store front.

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Rose tinted.

I am guessing that many of us feel disgruntled this morning. Myself included. We are so exhausted from the election yet we feel like someone robbed us in the middle of the night. How do you discuss with your kiddos? At least that's the question ruminating around my brain this morning. I'm kicking myself for even amping up the mere thought of a female president to them last night. You live and you learn.

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