Coloring outside the lines.

You just know when you have a good off the shoulder dresses + tops. Clearly this is my anthem this summer. So okay...just one more. Everyone needs a version in black, right? It's a staple for Pete's sake! 

P/S Mine is $16! Shut up, right? Why fix it if it isn't broken?!

This clutch is from last season but I linked this season's versions below. 

Loving this one! In fact, I might need to add it to the arsenal.

Lola woke me up today at 4:47am because she "just wanted to talk." The tired entrepreneur in me screamed silently, "Nooooooooo!" But then I thought to much longer is she going to want to do this with me?

Five minutes later we were down on the couch watching cartoons and chatting. My favorite part is the snuggles. She still snuggles right up in the curve of my arm, which completely makes up for the rooster chip that she inherited from her father. 

So for today...a late post, extra coffee and a whole lotta love. That's not such a bad thing is it?

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