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One statement piece.

When I think of Fall - there’s always that one item that keeps me up at night. That one piece I have to have. Over the years it’s spanned from coats to denim to OTK boots. All closet staples. This year was no different but it was a bit of a wild card. What I mean is…It’s more of a loud statement piece, which, I am totally okay with. Any ideas?

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I caved. My top #NSale picks!

Well, I'm not proud of myself. I typically don't succumb to blog trends but a rainy Sunday led me down the #NSale path and here we are today. I very much like Nordstrom but it isn't a mainstay for me. Once in awhile I find a piece for me but I also have A.D.D. when it comes to shopping. I'm all over the place. However, I always find pieces for my husband and my children. Always.

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