I caved. My top #NSale picks!


Well, I'm not proud of myself. I typically don't succumb to blog trends but a rainy Sunday led me down the #NSale path and here we are today. I very much like Nordstrom but it isn't a mainstay for me. Once in awhile I find a piece for me but I also have A.D.D. when it comes to shopping. I'm all over the place. However, I always find pieces for my husband and my children. Always.

This year I caved and fell into the black hole that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I found TONS of great pieces and presented my husband quite the curated shopping cart of must-have items that his wardrobe so badly needed. I love shopping for other people but I digress...

Today is a round up of my very favorite pieces ranging from shoes to cosmetics to accessories to outerwear. And, I must say...it's pretty tempting. I can't hear enough about those darn SPANX leggings and that crimson, Topshop menswear suit is literally calling my name...daily.

Shop my boutique of the very best items and let me know what you've scooped up. Did I miss anything? I'm also happy to share what I scored my husband if you're interested. You know me...kiss and tell...and shop! Happy Tuesday Shopping, my loves!