A new office space...a new sense of purpose.


People always ask me where my office is located and my response is usually: EVERYWHERE. My team is never stationary and that's really the fun of what we do. Meetings, shoots, calls, TV segments, seminars...we do it all and all in the name of social media!


September marks five years in the business and while you hope that growth is eminent - it is not guaranteed. Growth is exciting, it's stressful, it's a ton of work but it's also energizing. Most of all, growth signifies getting uncomfortable. If there is a day that goes by that I am not uncomfortable then I am pretty sure I am doing it wrong. It's just a part of my DNA and it's part of new business efforts.


With that said, my partner, Carolyn Brundage, and I have been weighing or rather I've been pushing for a place to call home for Oak Street Social. By pushing I mean: cramming it down her throat because that's my style and I am lucky she accepts that quality about me.

I digress... we needed a place where young minds could gather around the Matcha Tea machine. A place where our staff could feel empowered...creative...excited! Most of all, a place that would birth new ideas, processes and innovations that will increase the value of what we do for our clients. And that place is evolveHer. 


I had been hearing about Alicia and her team for quite some time. And I have to admit, an environment that fosters female led businesses held pretty big appeal to me. I pictured networking, events, new relationships and overall, awesome support on the not-so-great days. But, it wasn't our time back in January. Now it is!

About evolveHer:


Our 5,000 square foot loft in River North is specifically designed to inspire creativity and foster collaboration amongst women. We’ve met with hundreds of women over the past six months to understand their needs, challenges and dreams both on a professional & personal level.

The location was perfect. Right off the highway for this suburban rainmaker and easy to commute to for my young staff. The aesthetic was warm, inviting and hip. I could breathe when I walked in. And it made sense financially, which, is really the most important part of an "evolving" business.

When I met Alicia, Founder + CEO, it felt like meeting an old friend. There was just a great sense of camaraderie and entrepreneurial spirit that made me want to be a part of the mix. I left excited, a member and thrilled to introduce the space to my team.

As a side note, this space is open to individual memberships that are quite reasonable and based on your needs. Membership details here. If you are looking to expand your network and be around like minded women -- this is the place for you.

So, here we are...a space to call home that's conducive to our seminars, courting clients, conference calls, events and beyond. I am elated...perhaps a little geeked out as I introduce the space to my team two by two. It feels like we are on the brink of something really great internally and externally and part of a powerful movement to support one another versus compete. And really...that's why we started Oak Street Social. 

Hope to see you around the Matcha machine!