Gone with the wind.


So here we are. Day 3 of me trying to complete a singular blog post this week and it's 9:20pm on Wednesday night. I am a writer by trade so you can imagine how incredibly unnerving this is for me. I used to crank out five posts a week with ease. And now...I am lucky if I manage two a week. Why? Well...

Truth is my plate is full. My cup runneth over. My business is growing. My family is healthy and these are my top two priorities without a doubt. So, when a day becomes so full - there is only so much time left to breathe and hone your hobby. And, I just keep running out of time, folks! Which, is not to say that I am throwing in the towel because I am not!

We just completed a huge onboarding of new clients at Oak Street Social. My husband has been out of town for a week and he leaves again next week. I am training a puppy. We just replaced our entire roof which made our home a war zone laden with construction workers. My kids are in summer programs and somewhere in between I have to remind myself that juice is not a meal and that I need to spend at least 30 minutes getting some physical exercise. Did I mention that my anniversary is this weekend? Haven't even thought about it. Okay, enough...now you know what's going on in my world.

I want to talk about this outfit because it deserves a discussion. First of all, this dramatic, laser cut tank can be found at my designer friend's website: Christina Karin. She has and continues to work so hard on her brand and it's a success all the while managing two gorgeous babes and a beautiful marriage. If urban, edgy vibes with sleek, sophisticated details are your jam, go shop immediately. I love the flattering cuts and palettes. Rumor has it this tank is making a comeback in the Fall in another color/style!

I wanted to accentuate the high/low cut of the top so I paired it with my favorite pair of LOFT denim which I will link below. And, a simple neutral shoe. That's all you need. It's a great summer look that will take you from office to happy hour with a quick switch of accessories.

Shop the entire look below + thanks for hanging in there with me!