Peace, love + sunshine.

Chicago murals are at the height of their game. I tell ya...not a dull wall in sight which also made for the perfect backdrop for today's outfit post. I love when that happens.

This weekend was tempered with heat, rain and quite a bit of white wine. Ice cream for the kiddos. We ran around to street festivals, a going away party and my dad's birthday. I always say I'm tired but it's a happy exhaustion if such a thing exists.

On the heat piece...I'm telling you that off the shoulder tops are a win/win. This one is available at Zara for $29 but I linked some cute options below...always :)

I'm still in shock that this weekend brings the fireworks. Shocked and excited really because there are so many fun activities. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a quick + easy week. Bring on the sparklers!

Shop my outfit below: