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What is your UVP?

Hi! I am re-sharing a social media post from last week because it was so well received. I received many meaningful, vulnerable DMs from it that it only made sense to memorialize it in the best way possible. I discussed unique value propositions and our beliefs that ultimately strengthen our character and shape us into who we are today.

I hope you enjoy this read as must as I did writing it. Enjoy!

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An update.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve written a blog post. That, to me, is unsettling. It’s also a really good indication that I’ve either been in the weeds at work or have hit a wall, creatively speaking. Well, the answer is a bit of both. I don’t think people realize how challenging it is to be creative at the drop of a hat and to run a side hustle on top of a FT hustle. It. isn’t. easy. In fact, I have found myself a little crabby these past two weeks because I needed that outlet. I needed to pour myself into something that didn’t have any rules. <i.e. my blog!>

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Travel diaries.

Let’s talk travel necessities. I never cared much about my luggage before. After all, it’s thrown around every which way north of Sunday. If it zipped and didn’t way over 50lbs, we were in business. That all changed when Nasaden reached out to me. Talk about sleek, gender neutral luggage accessories that were just as fashionable as I aim to be each and every day.

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5 things you can do for a friend in need.

It’s been a full circle week. What looked like a normal week of kids, work and typical weekly balance challenges took a complete nose dive as of Sunday night. The universe is mysterious but like any hard life event, I learned a little about myself and a lot about my tribe. It was the catalyst for this post as I was so moved by the kind actions and notes people shared with me.

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2018 learnings + epiphanies.

You know, 2018 was a great year for so many reasons. It really was. I cannot complain. Sure, there were some disappointments but turning 40 was the highlight. With a stronger sense of self, my tolerance and my priorities…I was able to brush off the things that take up precious headspace and I look forward to more of that in 2019. Getting old can be liberating!

Here are my thoughts on the past 365 days...

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Friendship: Why wasn't I invited?

In the blogging community, FOMO is a real thing. This topic is especially poignant given that it's NYFW. And for what it's worth, I've attended several times and I am totally okay with not being there this year. It's not all glitz and's a lot of schlepping, sweating, missed cabs, foot pain and hunger. Would I go again? For sure. Am I okay with missing a few? Most definitely! But, I digress...

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SelfMade Speed Round - Anastasia Lupu

Anastasia Lupu is indeed the triple threat but the most striking feature about her is how incredibly kind and down-to-earth she is. Once you get over her supermodel looks, you realize just how whip smart she is and the likability factor goes wayyyy up.

She's a momma, a badass babe, a beauty and a business woman. Her floral company speaks to me and it's incredibly unique and custom which are two of my favorite things. The tagline: Boxed Flowers For The Well-Heeled. Where my stiletto-wearin' babes at? This one's for you!

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SelfMade Speed Round - Brittany Annen

Brittany is a trailblazer when it comes to online fashion. Don't take it from me though. She just received her 800th 5-star review on Poshmark, That's right ladies, she has built a business on selling yours and my clothing and accessories on one of the largest fashion marketplaces in existence and boy, she has a system! I've mentioned her on my Instagram before but she has literally changed my life overnight as I've been purging and cleansing my closet all summer. Interested? Read on!

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