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Why I ride.

Fitness is a choice. In my 20’s I worked out to be skinny. In my 30’s I did it to to get more toned and work off stubborn baby weight. In my 40’s I do it to find joy. Fitness sparks joy for me. It has become much more of a mental game then a scale game for me. Let me be clear though, I am no different than any other woman. I work out to look good and fit in my clothes, too. Every woman does. I also work out so that I can indulge. It’s a crazy cycle of balance but more than anything I do it for my own sanity.

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What are you drinking?

Did you guys know that this week is the Center for Disease Control & Prevention’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week? To be honest, me neither...up until now. And to that end, how often do you think about the water you’re drinking or better yet, the water that your kids are drinking on the playing field, at school, at grandma and grandpa’s house? It sort of registers but then we get too busy, right?

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Going gluten free. Products I actually LOVE to eat + why.

Let me start by saying that I am not a physician. Not even close. But I can say that for almost 37 years I struggled with food, digestion and the feeling it left me. I have a great relationship with food. I love it and I love to try new things BUT gluten and I were never meant to be friends and that epiphany hit roughly two years ago when I grew tired of the bloat, the gas, the bathroom issues and the overall appearance of looking like I was in my second trimester 24/7.

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