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Business casual.

My style has evolved over the years and I've quickly adopted the" less is more" theory. For example, if you're going to show more skin on top, cover up on the bottom and vice versa. This does not remove "sexy" from the equation, however. I believe you should flaunt what you've got and for's always the legs. I'd like to think that after decades of ballet class and most recently, a pretty dedicated workout routine that "I've still got it" they say.

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Sexy slim fit.

Yes folks...I am wearing pants. Not denim but pants. Slowly pushing my shorts to the back of my closet but only to break out my slim fit "wear with everything" pants. If you're not familiar with J.Jill - it's time to get reacquainted. Cotton + spandex got married to make you look fab no matter what you pair with these babies...your favorite tshirt or button down.

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