Coffee date.

September is always so good. It's perfect jean weather and you can still get away with wearing shorts with a long sleeve blouse. Not too hot...not too cold. Just right.

(perhaps I've been reading too many bedtime fairy tales with the nuggets!)

I finally found the perfect button down thanks to Mary. She posted this one on her Insta feed and I knew I could trust her. I can't tell you how many years I've been searching for "the white blouse." Five maybe? Sounds ridiculous, I know. 

I didn't want the super slim fitting version and the opposite is your boyfriend's oxford which is too big to tuck in. With this one, I love the utility pocket and how the sleeves cuff perfectly. Perfectly undone, that is. 

I think that's how I would describe my style...a mix of lady-like but perfectly undone. After all, I am still a mom and no outfit goes unmussed . Count on a handprint, a coffee spill, a marker swipe...all are options in my daily life. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Special thanks to all you kind people who left comments after my tough week. You are such angels and I am so appreciative.

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